About Morning Coffee Roasters

Morning Coffee Roasters is a Specialty Coffee Roaster based in Southern California in the City of Pomona–sourcing the highest quality coffee from farmers all over the world. Our goal at Morning Coffee Roasters is to make coffee a less intimidating and enjoyable experience for all. We roast our coffee to bring out the complex flavors and aromas of each bean. Coffee is fruity, sweet, and complex, unlike commercially available coffee which is usually bitter, and needs a lot of cream and sugar to be tasty. Coffee facilitates conversation, first dates, and moments of profound connection, at all times of the day and through all stages of life. We hope that our coffee is on the table during all your precious moments.

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How many days should I wait before enjoying my coffee?

For pour overs, we recommend waiting a minimum of 3 days after the roast date printed on the bag to allow for the coffee to degas and 7 days after the roast date for espresso. Our coffees can maintain peak flavor 3 to 4 weeks from roast!

Is your coffee flavored?

No! We do not flavor our coffee, and we don’t plan on it! The flavors or cupping notes shown on the bag are the natural flavors that occur in the coffee.

If your coffee is not flavored, where do the notes come from?

Like wine and honey, coffee can have many different inherent flavors based on where or when it’s grown, how it’s processed, how it’s roasted, the kind of variety, and even how it’s brewed.

What if I don’t have a grinder, can I get my coffee grinded from you?

We can definitely grind beans to your desired level prior to shipping. Just let us know how you brew your coffee to determine the level of grind. However, we do recommend purchasing whole beans and grinding them within 30 minutes of brewing to preserve freshness and flavor.

I’ve never made a pour over before, how can I make one?

Pour overs are often seen as intimidating but are one of the best ways to enjoy coffee! Here is my favorite way to make a pour over:
Things you will need:
1. Your favorite Coffee from Morning Coffee Roasters
2. Pour over brewer and filter, I personally like the Hario v60 but there are many great brewers out there
3. Water
4. A mug, carafe, anything that can hold your brew.
5. Timer
6. Scale

We like using James Hoffman’s Ultimate Pour Over Recipe, which is an easily scalable coffee to water ratio of 60 grams of coffee to 1 Liter of water.

1. First, we begin by grinding 30 grams of coffee to a medium-fine setting and boiling 500 mL of water. Wet your filter to remove the paper taste.

2. Place your grinded coffee in the filter

3. Start your timer and wet the grounds with 60 grams of boiling water then swirl the coffee around to ensure all the grounds have made contact with the water–this phase is called the bloom which allows for carbon dioxide to escape. The bloom phase should take 45 seconds.

4. After 45 seconds have elapsed, begin pouring in the remaining 440 grams of water in a circular motion. Once the water is poured, use a spoon and mix the coffee 1.5 revolutions in the clockwise and counter-clockwise directions to knock off any coffee stuck to the walls of the filter then swirl the coffee.

5. This last phase is called the draw-down, just wait for the coffee to percolate into your mug. An indication that you brewed your coffee correctly, is that once the coffee is drained you will be left with a flat bed of coffee grounds and no coffee stuck to the walls of the filter. A way to mitigate this is to swirl your coffee while brewing to ensure nothing sticks to the filter.

Lastly, remove the v60 and enjoy your coffee!